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Twitter Interview @PrideMovieUK

Andrew Scott (Pride Movie @PrideMovieUK):
Hi guys, ready to rock!

Schwerverletzt ‏@suicideofjim:
@PrideMovieUK Describe #Pride in three adjectives. #AskAndrew
A.S.: .@suicideofjim God yes
A.S.: .@suicideofjim

laura ‏@blindbankers:
#AskAndrew What languages can you speak? @PrideMovieUK
A.S.: .@blindbankers english irish french

Scottie ‏@andrewscottsbae:
#AskAndrew @PrideMovieUK it’d mean the world to me if you read this, I love you x
A.S.: .@andrewscottsbae sending you big hug xx

brendont is inactive ‏@the_ryhawk :
#AskAndrew can you help me with my homework
A.S.: @the_ryhawk what subject?

ezza rose ‏@ezzarose1:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew Are you aware of just how incredibly sassy your dance moves really are?
A.S.: .@ezzarose1 oh fully.

thor the bunny ‏@Octopuslaughs:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew what are you doing now except twitting?
A.S.: .@Octopuslaughs panicking

27 days ✮ ‏@cumberstrade:
@PrideMovieUK #askandrew what was it like working with bill nighy?
A.S.: @cumberstrade bill is one of my heroes,love him

Paddy Considine ‏@PaddyConsidine:
@PrideMovieUK Are you as handsome in the flesh as you are in my tele, or are you some kind of illusion? #AskAndrew
A.S.: .@PaddyConsidine you fainted when we first met so i think that answers it paddy

jereMY LOVE renner ‏@wintertribute:
#AskAndrew @PrideMovieUK Can u describe yourself in one word?
A.S.: @wintertribute bitter

sherrob ‏@dullnickname:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew what was working with Imelda Staunton like?? Lots of love x
A.S.: @dullnickname imelda is a genius and a proper laugh

Laura :3 ‏@Vixen_Vip:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew here have some chocolate 🍫
A.S.: @Vixen_Vip i like you

⬅️Bae⭐️ ‏@twerkinklaine_:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew if you could be any person for a day, would would it be?
A.S.: @twerkinklaine_ paddy considine

Lady Grace Elmstone ‏@GraceElmstone:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew Do you consider yourself more as an introvert or an extrovert?
A.S.: @GraceElmstone weird mixture of both

Iris de Wolf ‏@Irissiejj_:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew No questions, just love. <3
A.S.: .@Irissiejj_ xxx

Cumbersweetie. ‏@GretaTelaro:
#AskAndrew @PrideMovieUK tweet me
A.S.: .@GretaTelaro direct approach

thor the bunny ‏@Octopuslaughs:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew eat something?
A.S.: @Octopuslaughs is that a question or an order?

dad ‏@thatgoatkid:
#AskAndrew if so, what’s your favourite flavour of custard?
A.S.: .@thatgoatkid I absolutely detest custard

BigSpoon ‏@CommanderDaisy:
#AskAndrew Are you a beaver, because Damn ;)
A.S.: .@CommanderDaisy smoooth

ezza rose ‏@ezzarose1:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew I can’t help but feel (based on that picture of you) that you’re being held against your will. Are you safe Andrew?
A.S.: @ezzarose1 well you’re not helping

wyrdyspook ‏@wyrdyspook:
@PrideMovieUK @thatgoatkid oh dear poor baby, no tea, no porridge no custard, please say you like chocolate #AskAndrew
A.S.: .@wyrdyspook @thatgoatkid now we’re talking

Royä Zamani ‏@middleearthelf:
@PrideMovieUK Favourite profanity? #AskAndrew
A.S.: .@middleearthelf f*ckbox

the johnlock master ‏@cuddleholmes:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew this isn’t a question but you really helped me come out, thank you so much
A.S.: @cuddleholmes xxx

caitie ★彡 ‏@strayheartphan:
#AskAndrew @PrideMovieUK what’s your favourite Starbucks drink??
A.S.: @strayheartphan like they need a plug

♀xia.♀ ‏@shercoxk:
#askandrew @PrideMovieUK You may think I’m cheesy but I’m actually pretty gouda ;)
A.S.: .@shercoxk you guys are outdoing yourselves

@PrideMovieUK #askAndrew do you pee in the shower
A.S.: .@NEIGHBOURHO0DS WHY do you need to know that?

maddie ‏@Canucksfan2887:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew why is it important for everyone to watch Pride?
A.S.: .@Canucksfan2887 hilarious, sad amazing film we are genuinely proud of. please go see you’ll be changed. x

chloe ‏@cumbermurs:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew do you like chickens?
A.S.: .@cumbermurs meh

Julia ‏@Baraceschi:
@PrideMovieUK i’m crying #askandrew
A.S.: .@Baraceschi cheer up darlin

Michael Muneses ‏@muneses_m:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew when did you find out that you are absolutely beautiful?
A.S.: .@muneses_m i think it was thursday the 11th

curiousvillager ‏@curiousvillager:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew This is not a question just wanted you to much México loves you!!
A.S.: @curiousvillager xxxxx

Valerie ‏@mscrzn:
@PrideMovieUK Andrew! We are baking cookies. Do you want some? #AskAndrew
A.S.: @mscrzn go on then

Beth ✌️ ‏@BethInGoldBlood:
Here’s me being you.. But with boobs @PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew
A.S.: @BethInGoldBlood you look great darlin x

alesha ‏@lunaeclair:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew I think I’m having a heart attack
A.S.: .@lunaeclair well you’re doing exactly the right first thing in tweeting me.

Chaidene ‏@CumberSwift1989:
I’m thinking of making one of these with pictures of you on it. What do you think? #AskAndrew @PrideMovieUK
A.S.: .@CumberSwift1989 you need to get on this.

audra ‏@RyrawrRoss:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew does it bother you when people call you Andy?
A.S.: @RyrawrRoss yes

Doctor Oswald ‏@waywardjerk:
@PrideMovieUK here! Have some oreo lasagna! #AskAndrew
A.S.: @waywardjerk that looks DELICIOUS

Amy ‏@amyloula_:
#askAndrew Would you rather have grapes for eyes or a banana for a mouth
A.S.: @amyloula_ Amy imgonna go with grapes

Iris White ‏@whiteBowie:
Andrew T-T, I seriously haven’t slept for two days because of my dissertation. I’m worried that I’m going to die T-T…#AskAndrew
A.S.: .@whiteBowie keep the faith you can do it x

Sklr ‏@ErMehGersh:
#AskAndrew @PrideMovieUK I like food.
A.S.: .@ErMehGersh Unusual.

ℒazarus Rising ‏@Goldfxsh:
@PrideMovieUK What was it like working with Ben Whishaw on The Hour ? #AskAndrew
A.S.: @Goldfxsh i love ben.

zoe✌️ ‏@zfisher99:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew will you marry me??😉
A.S.: .@zfisher99 whats your dowry like? x

srushti ‏@panicatthedesco:
All of it wouldn’t fit in a tweet :) @PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew x4
A.S.: .@panicatthedesco Thank you. Power to the people xxx

Andrew Scott reacts ‏@Scottreacts:
@pridemovieuk #AskAndrew if you were a pigeon who would you shit on and why
A.S.: .@Scottreacts @Moriartea221 I LOVE that question.

Scottie ‏@andrewscottsbae:
@PrideMovieUK @Scottreacts @Moriartea221 you didn’t answer it #AskAndrew
A.S.: @andrewscottsbae @Scottreacts @Moriartea221 i love that tweet.

{ charlie } ‏@MoriartysApple:
I got offered a place at LAMDA. Are you proud of me? #AskAndrew
A.S.: @MoriartysApple @Moriartea221 yeah!!!

Amy ‏@amyloula_:
How does the word ‘egg’ make you feel #AskAndrew
A.S.: @amyloula_ bit sick

Rebekah Tennant ‏@themusemadbex:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew Is it a coincidence that the Q&A happens to be on @larapulver ‘s birthday? Or is there some mystery behind it?
A.S.: @themusemadbex @larapulver happy birthday beautiful lara AS XXX

BenedictBAE ‏@Nancy_Sgro:
@PrideMovieUK #AskAndrew Are you as excited for TIFF as we are?Planning on seeing any films while you are here? Who would you like to meet?
A.S.: @Nancy_Sgro can’t wait for TIFF Come say hi! xxx

chloe ‏@httpsbenedict:
@PrideMovieUK Who would you recommend taking along when you to see Pride? #AskAndrew
A.S.: .@httpsbenedict you could take your grandparents, your parents your kids friends honestly its for everyone xxx

TheMaster’sCompanion ‏@OhMyDoctor96:
@PrideMovieUK Can this be the last question you answer? #AskAndrew
A.S.: .@OhMyDoctor96 And so it was….

A.S.: Thanks people. You have exhausted me. Big love xxx

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Everyone’s questions have exhausted poor Andrew! :’)

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Aussie terror suspect questioned, released

What a shame

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((Something that’s always bothered me is that the first doctor died because his body was too old for adventuring, he wore himself out facing up to the cybermen, that’s why he regenerated into the second doctor. But the first doctor was only 450 and started off as a baby. Whereas the 11th doctor was around longer than any of them and started as a grown man. It took him WAAAYYYYY too long to age and time lord’s bodies canonically age/decay quicker the more regenerations they’ve gone through.))

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johnwatsonmdofsass said:

[TXT] I could kiss you right now. But I won't because Susan would kill me. -JW

Susan is a sweetie pie, she wouldn’t kill anybody. -RB

Can I just touch your butt super quick and then we’re even? -RB

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johnwatsonmdofsass said:

[TXT] I'm just craving ice cream now. Can I have some? -JW

Not a Klondike bar. -RB

But okay. Come over, Susan baked biscuits, we can have ice cream sandwiches. -RB

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((Should IIIII?))

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johnwatsonmdofsass said:

[TXT] Something very rude with my mouth and a strangers privates. -JW

Oh. -RB

I probably wouldn’t do that for a Klondike bar. Susan wouldn’t like it. -RB

I’ll just stick with Cornettos. -RB

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johnwatsonmdofsass said:

[TXT] Lets not ask. -JW

Okay. -RB

[Ten minutes later] So what WOULD you do for a klondike bar? -RB